Bourbon + Whiskey


Small Batch Bourbon


Produced using Virginia corn, wheat and rye along with malted barley and double-distilled in six 26-gallon hand-built stills. Aged for one year in new, American oak barrels. It is characterized by the brackish air from Virginia’s James River, balanced by the sweet caramelized oak sap from small, charred barrels. A sweet opening with a dry spice pop finish.

90 PROOF  /  375mL

Bourbon Finished in Coffee Casks


Single barrel distilled from Virginia corn, wheat and rye, along with malted barley then finished for three months in our own used Missouri white oak barrels that flavored espresso beans from Vessel Craft Coffee of Norfolk, Virginia. Strong chocolate notes from the coffee beans and aromatic spice. Bottled at cask strength, yet surprisingly smooth. Limited quantities. Only available in our Distillery Shop. 

125 PROOF  /  375mL
SOLD OUT  /  Next release: Fall 2018

Bourbon Finished in Maple Syrup Casks

Ironclad Maple Syrup Barrel Finish.jpg

Featuring our signature four-grain bourbon, finished for six months in our own used barrels that previously flavored pure maple syrup from trees at Sweeter Creations Sugar House in Waddington, New York. The maple syrup imparts a subtle sweetness, with toasted wood and baking spice notes from the double oaking. Limited quantities. Only available in our Distillery Shop.

94 PROOF  /  375mL

Straight Bourbon


Distilled from our proprietary corn, wheat, rye and malted barley mash and aged for two years in 30-gallon new, charred American oak barrels. Salted caramel notes imparted by our close proximity to the James River are balanced by the sweet caramelized oak sap with a dry, spicy pop finish from the finest Virginia rye.


Ericsson’s New Make Whiskey


This one’s for all the makers. Like John Ericsson, a legendary maker with a new idea to build a ship that would be clad in iron. You don’t see many Naval ships made of wood these days, do you? In his honor, we’ve bottled our own New Make –– the blueprint for a mighty bourbon. This is our whiskey in its purest form: Straight off the still. Made from Virginia grains, double-distilled, and proofed to suit your palate.

80 PROOF  /  750mL

Where To Buy

Our products are available in most Virginia ABC liquor stores and at the following retailers.
Virginia residents: Click here to find about online ordering through the VA ABC.


Navy Exchange: Norfolk

CD-13, 1560 Mall Drive
Norfolk, VA 23511

Navy Exchange: Little Creek–Fort Story

1170 Amphibious Drive
Norfolk, VA 23459

Duke's Liquor Box

170 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222


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