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A New Kind of Power Drinking

Back when bar doors swung open, Back when bar doors swung open, whiskey was strong and ordered by the shot. Then, bar doors latched and a rich menu of 'improved' followed by 'fancy' bourbon cocktail recipes were concocted and enjoyed behind them. Now, we have a growing menu of bourbon cocktails at Ironclad Distillery Co. handily found inside your own bottle, ready to serve immediately upon your arrival. Each month, our talented team of bartenders will craft an improved, fancy, barrel-aged, rare or simply delicious bottled bourbon cocktail for you, marked with your name and the history of the concocted drink. Find it stashed safely in our Iron Fist Cocktail Cabinet, along with your very own glass.


Rule with an Iron Fist Membership

  • Your monthly cocktail concoction comes in an 8 oz. bottle with your name on it.

  • Each personalized bottle serves approximately eight cocktails.

  • If you don't finish your bottle, don't fret! You can take the remaining concoction home to enjoy.

  • We will send you information about the latest cocktail selection at the beginning of each month.

  • Membership benefits include a keepsake Iron Fist cocktail glass, invitations to special events, plus first dibs access to new product releases.

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+ $75 for a one-month membership

+ $210 for a 3-month membership

+ $390 or a 6-month membership

+ $720 per year



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